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Yuu Watase Icons

Because Watase *is* love.

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General Information:

Welcome! This community it is a new place for Yuu Watase fans to make/vote for icons! :D Anyone who is a fan of any anime/manga of Yuu Watase is welcome to join. There will be a new theme each week. During an indicated time, community members can vote for their favorite icon entered for that week. Banners will be given out as prizes (if I ever find anyone who is willing to make banners ;-; Mine stink) each week as prizes to the winners. The winning places are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Mod's choice.


1) Only one entry per person for each week.
2) All icons must be your own work
3) Every entry must be related to Yuu Watase's work. Whether it be anime or manga. And it must fit that week's theme.
4) Be curteous and kind. Don't poke fun at anyone or their icons.
5) All icons must be submitted BY Friday evening. If it's alright, I go by Eastern time, so about 10 pm, latest.
6) Please no cosplay or fanart pictures. Although they're nice, try to stick to anime/manga, please. Doujinshi IS allowed.
7) Icon must have been made in the last few days, if not, brand new. This makes if funner. <3 :D
8) Last but not least, have fun with it! And be active!

Submitting an Icon:

Please refer to the following example when submitting an icon. The information in the example below IS NEEDED when submitting your entry. I used an icon made by overshaded for this example.
Icon Submission:
URL of Submission: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v115/warukuchi/sepi13.gif

All icons should be submitted by Friday evening at 10pm Eastern Time. Entries will be screened. Voting will be between Friday night and Sunday night.

How do I vote?

As stated before, voting will begin after 10pm Eastern Time on Friday evening. It will last until 10pm Eastern Time on the Sunday evening. You will be able to vote for a total of THREE ICONS. Put your three choices in order of which one you like best. Your first choice will receive 5 points, second 3 points, and third 1 point. Please do not vote for your own icon unless you think it is the VERY BEST. Be considerate and truthful. ^^

Banner Designers:

I really need some willing banner designers. :/ I can't do it all myself, I stink. XD So if you'd like to become a banner designer, contact overshaded.


Week 01: - [True love] - chimeraicons
Week 02: - [Innerheart] - chimeraicons
Week 03: - [Textless] metallic
Week 04: - [Foreign Langauge] kotszok
Week 05: - [Humor] adaneko

Contact Mods:

Email: dontmakemepokeyou@hotmail.com


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Watase /is/ Love